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Hi there!

This forum provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss things with classmates and instructors.

Before creating a new topic, one of the old topics might contain what you're looking for.

Main forum features

  • anonymous posting (optional): not even instructors see your name
  • categories: for a new topic, choose one of the pre-defined categories to keep things organized
  • post liking: like what you like, and like when you're thankful (instead of replying with "thanks"/...).

Formatting (press quote to see source/how exactly)

  • Markdown formatting

    Quoting things with >

  • Inline style \(\LaTeX\) math with escaped brackets \( ... \): \(\eta + \gamma\) gives \(\eta + \gamma\)
  • Block style \(\LaTeX\) math with double $ signs on each side, and an empty line (!) before it, and new line after it:
    see here block math:
    [empty line]
    $$ \alpha + \beta $$
    this is a new line ...
    see here block math:

$$ \alpha + \beta $$

this is a new line ...

  • variables and code:
    # code block
    print 'hi cs433'
  • polls:
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