Open questions with many sub-parts are unfair

After completing the exams of the previous years I wanted to say that the really long open questions with many subparts that depend on each other are very problematic. This is especially noticeable in the 2020 exam, where if you cannot do one of the sub-parts in an open question, you are essentially locked from even trying to attempt the following sub-questions, since you need the result for the previous part. This way if you do not know or mess up one part, you will lose a ton of points.
I think it was better handled in the 2019 exam, where the questions had 2-3 subparts at most, and for the most part, you only had to prove a result, so even if you mess up the proof, you still have the tools needed to attempt the following parts.
I hope this will be addressed in this years exam.

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we're of course aware of such dependencies, and as always take care that long questions always have some entry points where one can restart, even if one got lost on the previous sequence. so no worries

Thank you for your understanding professor

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