Lab8, Practical Implementation Google colab

Will a google colab version of the practical Implementation be uploaded as all other Practical Implementations have been?
It makes it easier if I am able to keep all Practical Implementations on one place.

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Hey, sorry for the inconsistency here. I don't think we'll go back and change the past exercises, but you can always access any of the Jupyter notebooks on Github through Colab by using this URL scheme:

If those notebooks access other files from github, you can either add those files manually in Colab or download them like this in the beginning of the notebook:

    import google.colab
    IN_COLAB = True
    IN_COLAB = False
    # Clone the entire repo to access the files.
    !git clone -l -s cloned-repo
    %cd cloned-repo/labs/ex06/template/

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