job opportunities related to ML

please share links to job offers here which might be of interest to our student group.
can be internships, jobs in labs/studies, industry, etc

i'll start:

internships & positions at bytedance:

From: Imran Saleemi
Date: Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 9:36 PM
Subject: Research and Engineering roles at ByteDance
To: Amir Roshan Zamir
Hi Amir

My team at ByteDance has several full time and internship positions open for research and engineering roles in CV, CG, and ML.

In particular, if you know of a good candidate seeking internship options please forward to them.

  • Research Scientist in Computer Graphics
  • Research Scientist in Deep Learning
  • Research Scientist in Computer Vision
  • Software Engineer in CV/CG/ML
  • Engineering Intern in CV/CG/ML
  • Research Intern in Computer Graphics
  • Research Intern in Deep Learning
  • Research Intern in Computer Vision


internships at adobe (remote unfortunately)

PhD position in zurich (applied ML, followup one of the ML4science projects)
Doctoral Student in Modeling Intraindividual Learning Trajectories with Intensive Longitudinal Data

Prof. Niao He at ETHZ has several short-term (up to six months) research positions starting from January 2021.

She is looking for talented students with strong research interests in theoretical foundations of machine learning (and ideally in reinforcement learning). Candidates are expected to exhibit some expertise and research experiences in any two of the following areas: machine learning, optimization, statistics, dynamical systems and control, and theoretical computer science.

If you know someone who might be interested, please advise him/her to send an up-to-date CV and transcripts to

Thank you!
Paulina Motyka (Ms) ǀ Administrative Assistant to Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann
Assistant Prof. Niao He ǀ Assistant Prof. Mrinmaya Sachan

ETH Zurich ǀ | Department of Computer Science | Universitätstrasse 6, CAB F 61.2 | 8092 Zurich / Switzerland
Telephone: +41 44 632 57 79 | E-Mail:

ENAC at EPFL: Dear all and in particular ML students,

Looking for a meaningful semester project?

Check out our students projects proposals! ENAC labs offer projects to students of all EPFL sections interested in applying their data skills to our datasets and contribute to our mission of guaranteeing a sustainable living environment for humanity.

Kind regards,


Ps: We’re also hiring a data engineer, feel free to forward widely!

Dear ML/AI Colleagues,

I would like to inform you that in the past few months, we have been incubating Tune Insight, a startup company emerging from our lab (Laboratory for Data Security, LDS). Tune Insight will orchestrate collaborations on sensitive data, enabling organisations to work together to extract collective insights while remaining in full control of their own sensitive data.

We wanted to give you a heads-up on the launch of and on the upcoming release of an EPFL article covering the first non-dilutive funding received by Tune Insight.

The team is focusing on developing the product and on securing proofs-of-concept and prototypes with early partners and customers (we already have 3, around healthcare, cyber-security and insurance use cases).

I have a specific request to formulate to you: If you happen to know Master students with strong data science / ML background, please let me know, as we will soon have openings.

Thanks and best regards,


Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux
Head of Laboratory for Data Security (LDS)
Academic Director of C4DT
Phone: +41 21 693 26 27

Semester project on Graph Representation Learning

Dear master students,
If you are into representation learning on graphs, take a look at this project. You can take it for credit or to gain some experience.

Best regards,
Eda (

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