past exam 2016

I was going over exam 2016 and I don't understand why the answer for the mcq question 2 is c ? How can this be visualized? I thought that if we use input of size D, i.e trying to find D+1 parameters it isn't possible with small N so I thought the correct answer was b- where am I wrong in my reasoning?

Thank you for your help and have happy holidays

Same question

Also to add to this, SPOILER ALERT but in final exam 2017, problem 18 there is a similar question and they say "D vs N does not matter at all. Linear separability is important for classification but does not imply anything for regression. So the correct answer is ”None of the above.”

I'm really confused by this?

In exam 2017 labels are real, so this is regression. In exam 2016 labels are +1, -1, so this task is classification and linear separability makes sence.

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