Homework Set 1 - Exercice 1, question 2


In the solution for this problem, it is simply stated that for G(n, 1-q) the clustering coefficient is 1-q, but I couldn't find this on the slides. Is there some information I missed ? Could someone maybe give me an insight into how we got to this result ?

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Hi Alex,

You can check the Page 26 of this week's lecture. If the linkes were entirely random, then the clustering coefficient is equal to p in G(n, p) approximately.


Can we in general consider working only with expectaction \( \mathbb{E}(c_u) \) and never with \( c_{u} \) itself ?

Hi Tom,

It depends on the question description. In this exercise, it says that Kn is a complete graph (each two nodes have a link), which means that every node has the same connection way. So the clustering coefficient of every node is the same and equals to the expectation of the clustering coefficients.


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