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Documents allowed at the exam

Dear all,

I'm reposting the rules regarding documents you can bring to the exam tomorrow:

The final exam is open book, which means that you are allowed:

  • all class materials (slides, homeworks including solutions, lab handouts)

  • your own work (annotations on slides, lab deliverables, etc); a cheat sheet is ok, a priori no specific length restriction, but it cannot contain copy-pastes of eg wikipedia and so on.

  • you cannot however bring the sample exams and their solutions that I had published on moodle. (In any case, exam questions never repeat, so you should just make sure you understand the solutions, and you will be all set!)

No electronic devices of any kind are allowed (nor are they of much help): so no mobile phones, pocket calculators, tablets, laptops,...

This unfortunately means that you need to bring all the open-book information listed above in paper form.

Best of luck with the exam tomorrow, and it will be nice to see you all in person!


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