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Final Exam Cheat Sheet


Now that the exam date is out, since there's a lot of material and formulas, I was wondering if we would be allowed a cheat sheet for the exam ?

If yes, would it be possible to have precisions about the rules (number of pages, ...) ?

Thank you

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The final exam will be open book, which means that you are allowed:

  • all class materials (slides, homeworks including solutions, lab handouts)

  • your own work (annotations on slides, lab deliverables, etc); a cheat sheet is ok, a priori no specific length restriction, but it cannot contain copy-pastes of eg wikipedia and so on.

There is a cheet sheet that was created a couple of years ago and is circulating, feel free to update this and bring it (btw, I'm happy to take over the effort of maintaining it and making it available to you and future generations of students)

However, no electronic devices of any kind are allowed (nor are they of much help): so no mobile phones, pocket calculators, tablets, laptops,...

This unfortunately means that you need to bring all the open-book information listed above in paper form.

I will also publish some sample exams from previous years in due time so you know roughly what to expect.

Hope this helps, cheers

Thank you very much, it's very clear !


I think that I'm not the only one who didn't find this cheet sheet. Could you provide it for us :)


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