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with assistive AI

Our assistive AI models reduce time spent searching for answers and writing replies.

Over 10 customers and 2000 users including

  • EPFL Machine Learning Fall 2022 566
  • KU Leuven CAD IC Design Fall 2021 45
  • EPFL Machine Learning Fall 2021 explore


Core features

Cinque Terre

save time with AI

Our human-assistive generative AI reply model and semantic search engine provide answer suggestions to posts, saving time for moderators and users!

Cinque Terre

reduce inbox load

Receive interactive moderator notifications via existing digital channels. Now available via Slack. Notifications via email also possible. Teams coming soon!

Cinque Terre

inclusiveness & more

Users optionally preserve their identity by posting anonymously (Ok, No Name ;).

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"I would like to use this nice forum again for my next course."

Professor of Computer Science

"I am happy with the noticeably
higher participation."

Professor of Communication Systems




$0 / year

  • unlimited users
  • optional anonymity
  • 20 threads


$1 / user / year

  • Everything in Free, and
  • unlimited threads
  • Slack integration
  • password protection
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AI Pro

$2 / user / year

  • Everything in Basic, and
  • AI reply suggestions
  • semantic search
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Selected forums

CS-433: Machine Learning

566 users

  • open access with login
  • Fall 2021
COM-308: Internet Analytics

58 users

  • password-protected
  • Spring 2021

Your forum?

Q&A Features

Secure & private forum.
Optional anonymous posting.

  • Accessible from anywhere on: oknoname.com/your-forum
  • Google logo Google/ Microsoft logo Microsoft/Institutional authentication (e.g., ).
  • Additionally, moderators can set and change a forum password.
  • To stimulate participation, users can opt to post anonymously.

Structured communication. Upvote, verify, tag, email, flag.

  • Upvoting makes content more visible and enables feedback.
  • Moderators can verify/endorse top replies on posts.
  • Moderators can pre-define categories (e.g., #general, #project2, ...)
  • Email notifications are configurable, but users always receive a notification when a moderator creates a new post.
  • Users can flag inappropriate content to moderators.

Expressive content. Styling, images, math & code.

Posts can be formatted with text styling, lists and links. Images can be uploaded in JPG format. LaTeX equations are displayed with $\LaTeX$ inline and outline. Code highlighting included.